PEACE, LOVE AND CUPCAKES A One Day Yoga Retreat with JOHNNY SCIFO Saturday October 28th in Ramsey

Sat, 10/28/2017 - 12:00pm - 5:00pm

This one-day retreat is an invitation for yogis of all levels interested in deepening their practice to enjoy a full day of yoga, meditation, sound healing, life hacks for active nervous systems, sensory awareness practices, and delicious cupcakes!

Part I: Peace

12:00p - 01:30p
Yoga Practice & Meditation I
A flowing asana practice tempered with chi-gong movements, pranayama, silent meditation and a gong bath during savasana

01:30p - 02:15p
Dharma Talk/Lecture: Creating Peace from the Inside Out
- Engaging the parasympathetic nervous system and cultivating natural stress relief
- Tricks for dealing with sensory, emotional, and informational overstimulation
- Examining the curious relationship between diet, music, memory, and emotions
- Understanding lectins, stomach sensitivities, and keys to reducing inflammation

02:15p - 02:45p
Free Time/Lunch Break (Please bring a snack if desired)

Part II: Love

02:45 - 03:30p
Dharma Talk/Lecture: Choosing and Maintaining Love in Our Relationships
- Discover mirror neurons and the neuroscience behind empathy and sensitivity
- Discuss practical solutions for dealing with negative people and "energy vampires"
- Learning to set boundaries without being selfish or causing negative backlash
- Accessing internal power with grounding exercises to enjoy deeper connections

03:30p - 04:45p
Yoga Practice & Extended Sound Bath: Our second practice will be gentle and restorative, including an awareness meditation and a full 30-minute sound bath of singing bowls and sound healing accompaniments.

Part III: Cupcakes

04:45p - 05:00p
Relish a slow, relaxing return to center by enjoying an amazing selection of traditional and vegan cupcakes.

Each student will also receive a gift set of items to support their practice hand selected by Johnny.

Suggested Items to Bring: Yoga mat, any props desired for meditation (we have blankets, blocks, and bolsters at the studio), a journal for note taking, a snack or lunch for break, an extra set of clothes (the first yoga practice will make you sweaty), big smiles, and open hearts.

Cost: $75