Sat, 07/10/2010 - 6:30pm - 9:00pm

This workshop begins with an asana practice that will be a slow flow vinyasa format - not difficult in nature, but rather more meditative and restorative. Michelle will pay special attention to certain mudras and postures that evoke specific deities and ideas symbolizing divine powers. To conclude the workshop, all Goddess participants will take part in a traditional Mendhi ritual, using an ancient Indian and North African shrub plant for Henna body painting. The end result is a feeling of inner connectedness to the Divine Feminine and a gorgeous Henna design that lasts for up to three weeks. GoddessAsana is open to all levels of experience; the only requisite is an open heart and creative spirit.

Registration: $40 per person until July 3rd; $45 per person thereafter. Pre-registration required.

Michelle Dawson's innate ability to transmit specific sacred energies is quite obvious through her divine connection to Henna as well as Yoga. Her understanding of Vedic Art through Mehndi, birthed in her a natural inclination toward the practice and articulation of Yoga. Thus , the creation of Body Art By Michelle. As an instructor, Michelle strives to be a consummate student of Yoga and Eastern philosophy. She brings to class passion and grace, encouraging students to push the boundaries of their own practice. With a teaching style enriched with experience and study, Michelle's students marvel in her invigorating, uplifting, and balanced approach to Yoga.

Yoga and Henna are direct links to ancient mysticism. And while Michelle Dawson's beliefs are traditional, her articulation of both sacred art forms is modern and quite rebellious.