Sun, 08/15/2010 - 1:00pm - 4:00pm

In this dynamic workshop, Casey will be teaching his method of Thai Hermit Yoga which he developed living in Northern Thailand for the past decade. Thai Hermit Yoga incorporates traditional Thai Hermit (Russi) postures together with Indian classical asanas. The approach is gentle, yet active, with a strong emphasis placed on Vipasana (Insight) meditation practices. Casey has spent the last ten years in a number of secluded meditation retreats in the Theravada Buddhist tradition, these practices are very powerful and accessible to all practitioners. During this three hour workshop we will be exploring asana, pranayama, and meditation. The aim is to create heat, purify and open the body through asana practice, cleanse the subtle body through pranayama, and still the mind through sustained concentration with Vipasana practices. The aim of all yoga practices is Samadhi, these practices, inspired by the Thai Hermits and Buddhist Monks and Nuns in the Theravada tradition, will do just that: pave the way to Samadhi, a state of pure concentration, uninterrupted absorption.

Registration: $35.00 until August 8th; $40.00 thereafter

Casey has lived in Northern Thailand for ten years where he teaches yoga, meditation and detox. He is fluent in three South East Asian dialects, and currently working on the Lisu language. The Lisu are an ethnic minority group from the Tibetan Plateau. Casey's pride and joy is his lovely son, Cha who is half Lisu. A Long time student of Sharon and David, Casey's yoga teachings are steeped in the Jivamukti Yoga tradition, combined with the influence of the Thai Hermit Yoga tradition (Russi Doton) and Buddhist Insight Meditation practices (Vipasana). Living secluded in nature, with only the sounds of the forest and lots of time on his hands, Casey created the 'Thai Hermit Yoga' system, a system aimed at helping practitioners reach the goal of yoga, wich is meditation leading into Samadhi. These yoga practices are gentle, yet active, emphasis is placed on seated postures, pranayamas, mudra and meditation. Casey would like to acknowledge his teachers of yoga, Sharon Gannon and David Life as well as his meditation teachers Kathyrn and Thannat Chindaporn from Wat Phratat Sri Chomtong in Chiang Mai province, Thailand. It is important to connect with authentic pure lineages, and to transmit those teachings with integrity, Hari Om!