ADVANCED TEACHER TRAINING Q&A with RAJI: January 18th and January 22nd

Yoga Synthesis™ Advanced Teacher Training Q&A with Raji Thron
Wednesday, January 18th AND Sunday, January 22nd

Interested in the Yoga Synthesis™ Advanced Teacher Training?

Join Raji for his regularly scheduled Level 2 Vinyasa class on
Wednesday, January 18th - 6:00-7:30 pm OR Sunday, January 22nd - 9:35-11:05 am
Experience aspects of Raji's teaching technique and the uniqueness of the Yoga Synthesis™ style. The class is FREE to prospective Advanced Teacher Training students.

Q&A to Follow
January 18th: 7:35-8:00 pm
, January 22nd: 11:10-11:35 am
Raji will be available after class to discuss any questions you may have.