Wednesdays, 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Section 1: Yoga Class Planning and Intelligent Creative Sequencing
October 26th and November 2nd

In this program we explore topics in yoga class planning. We will begin by analyzing the general flow of a class and how to sequence different postural, breath and meditative aspects as well as restorative or yin poses. Then we will look at basic principles, physiological factors and general guidelines for both comprehensive and thematic postural and breath sequencing patterns. We will finish by seeing how working intelligently with issues of progression and “counterposing” will lead us to being more spontaneous, creative, and adaptable as we look at unconventional sequencing. Be ready to move and feel how it works!

Section 2: Language and Communication Issues in Teaching
November 9th and November 16th

In this program, we will analyse and explore some underlying issues around communication as yoga teachers. Verbal communication is our primary medium. We use our communication skills in creating rapport, interviewing students, making announcements, self- promotion, describing yoga philosophy, communicating alignment and anatomy, directing procedure and expressing qualities of the yoga experience. What we say, along with why, how and when we say it do matter. Let’s explore the art of word crafting, scripting instructions, metaphor, imagery and delivery as it pertains to teaching yoga. And- let’s have fun doing it!

Registration fee: For 1 section - $108 early registration; $120 thereafter. For both sections - $200 per person until October 22nd; $230 thereafter.  Early registration deadline for Section 1: October 22nd.  Early registration deadline for Section 2: November 2nd.