Sun, 04/22/2012 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm

“Enter A World of Non-Ordinary Reality”

About Shamanism
Shamanism is an ancient sacred technology, beyond dogma and religion, that empowers people to change their lives through direct experience of the mysteries. Though often associated with South America and Siberia, there are pockets of shamanic wisdom and practice around the world.

About The Shamanic Journey
The shamanic journey is a way of finding answers, information, healing, and knowledge, as well as guidance or help with one’s personal life. Through a program of drumming, rattling, and sigil casting, the team will provide “an opportunity to open yourself to receive the wisdom of the universe and live in a more connected way to the earthly and heavenly forces that are guiding your life.”

Registration fee: $30 per person.

The Facilitators:
Jason Martin has a Ph.D in French and Comparative Literature with a concentration in the Arthurian Legends. A former university professor, he has been a teacher of yoga and meditation for many years. He has spent considerable time in the Peruvian Amazon working with master shaman Don Agustin Rivas-Vasquez, who has initiated him into the world of Amazonian shamanism. He maintains a private healing practice in Montclair, NJ.

Tara Lindsey is a writer, musician, photographer and advocate for LGBT issues. She is also a student of magick, shamanism & computer science, and the creator of The Idirlion Project. Essentially, she wants to be Buckaroo Banzai when she grows up.

Kelli DeFlora, RYT, CD trained at the World Yoga Center in New York City and is a graduate of Starseed’s yoga teacher training program. She has completed several prenatal teacher certifications and post-partum yoga trainings, and currently teaches a certification program for pre-natal yoga. In addition to her work as a yoga teacher, she is a doula (professional childbirth/ labor assistant), childbirth educator, Shiatsu and Reiki practitioner, and interfaith minister.

Brian McGuire has been studying Celtic history and mythology for 23 years, and has formed a deep connection with the heroes and heroines of that tradition. He has also studied Buddhism, Vedic and Native American traditions and feels that the connection between them goes beyond individual cultures. He says, “No matter what culture or connection you make, Shamanism is a practice that can help you get to a deeper sense of self.”