YOGA SYNTHESIS LEAP DAY SPECIALS: 9 for $99 or 29 classes for $290

Two Great Leap Day Specials: 9 for $99 or 29 classes for $290
It's a Leap Year! Yoga Synthesis has two very special offers to help keep your practice on track through the new year.

9 Classes for $99 is back: This package is perfect if you are practicing once a week consistently.
-Good for long or short classes
-Expires in 60 days
-Same price online or paid with cash at the studio

If you come to the studio more than once a week we are offering: 29 classes for $290.
-Good for long or short classes
-Five month expiration

**Both of these offers start at first use, not on the sale date.
**Offers available for purchase from midnight on Friday, February 24 to Midnight on Wednesday February 29th
**One each per customer.