Fri, 06/08/2012 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Soul Evenings with DZAR Mary & Gary O’Brien

DZAR is a group of universal Energies , channeled by Mary and Gary O’Brien. They share their compassion and wisdom for humanity to help us create lives filled with joy, a stronger connection to ourselves, to other people, and to the earth itself.

These evenings are a fascinating introduction to DZAR’s teachings as well as being a powerful event designed to Energetically create shifts in those who attend.

While each evening is unique because of the Energy of the individuals in the room, the focus is on helping you to build a stronger connection to your Soul and its warmth and wisdom so that you can live as the True Self…truly reuniting human and spirit.

This is achieved through channeled teachings, Q&A time where DZAR works directly with members of the group and also the Sacred Soul Initiation Ritual where your aware connection to your Soul is expanded. Every time you experience this Ritual you will strengthen and deepen your connection to your Soul so you’re most welcome to come to as many of these events as you can.

"My private session and group session with Dzar (with Mary and Gary O'Brien) were extremely insightful, accurate and warm. The information and practices are from a high, yet very grounded, vibration of wisdom." Rose Fitzgerald

Donation sliding scale: $20-$100. To register, visit:

Private sessions with Dzar are available by appointment. Contact Mel Finnerty (310) 710-8081 | |

Mary and Gary O’Brien The Path of DZAR
Mary and Gary O’Brien are bestselling authors who share the messages brought forward by DZAR, a group of compassionate universal Energies. They each have over 20 years experience working with people to create change in their lives. Since 2008 they have become the vehicle for the message channeled from Spirit called The Path of DZAR.

DZAR is a Master Teacher sought out by people from all around the world for the insights and guidance they share. They work with groups and individuals to create changes in their lives that bring more joy and a stronger connection to their Souls, to other people and to the earth itself. “We share this with you, Young Ones, so that you can become the expression of Self that allows your Soul to be present in your awareness. We want you to know yourselves as the magnificent multidimensional Beings that you truly are.