$108 Lotus Promo: take 12 classes within 45 days to deepen your practice and explore new classes.

The lotus has great significance in yoga. It symbolically represents sending roots down into the earth while lifting up to blossom in the sun.

In the spirit of a Lotus Blossom, we at Yoga Synthesis are offering to you the $108 Lotus Promo to bring your practice to a new level. Deepening a practice may mean going to stronger classes, taking it back a notch and attending slower more meditative classes or coming to more of what you already know.

The $108 Lotus Promo is good for 12 classes taken within 45 days. That means taking 2-3 classes per week, no extensions allowed. We invite you to use this promo to challenge yourself, explore new classes and see where it takes you.

*Available for purchase April 20- April 30, 2012.
*One per customer please.
*This package activates on the first class taken, not on the sale date.