PARAMAHANSA JAGADISH DASS Multi-Dimensional Sacred Healing: August 14th in Ramsey

Wed, 08/14/2013 - 7:45pm - 10:00pm

All will experience a cleansing and balancing of their physical and subtle bodies while being energized with the Divine Energy. Benefits include a boosting of the immune system, and increased sense of well-being, and an opening of the heart to sacred love and compassion. Paramahansa Jagadish assists directly with opening and activating your personal channels to all the higher dimensions of your Higher Self Nature, resulting in quantum spiritual advancement for everyone.

People leave Jagadish’s sessions with a great feeling of empowerment. Amazingly, nine out of ten people report they experience palpable energy and shifts in their mind, body and spirit, not to mention a variety of miracles at different times.

Jagadish’s work awakens your heart to experience Divine Grace-the source of all transformation, healing and release from undesired patterns. His level of self-realization, combined with a lifetime of study and service, distinguishes him from other healers and truly makes him a “healer’s healer”.

Exchange: $40

To Pre-register:
or email/call/text 310-710-8081

He also offers Private Karma Clearing Sessions:

Karma & Ancestral Healing Detail
Private Session: Individual receives one-on-one healing with Jagadish who will clear and heal three issues, plus one from Divinity. Session lasts 30 minutes, including soul retrieval and soul integration. Session is available via Skype, telephone, and before or public events. Cost: $300.

Group Karma Session: 50 minute session. Four to five people receive one-on-one healing with Jagadish who will work on two issues, plus one chosen by Divinity. Session includes soul retrieval and soul integration, and are available before public events. Cost: $200.

For appts: Call/email Mel- 877-838-1133