Are you coming to practice a lot and your package is always running out? Do the numbers. Maybe it's time to signup for an Auto Renew program.

Our regular Monthly Auto Renew, Senior Auto Renew and Quarterly Auto Renews are 5% off during the month of September. Auto Renew contracts are automatically charged to your credit or debit cards. No more worrying about the amount of classes you have left or expiration dates.

From now until September 30th:
-Monthly Auto Renews are $139.65 per month.
-Senior Auto renews are $129.20 per month (seniors are those over 62 years of age).
-For even larger savings Quarterly Auto Renews are $396.15, charged every 3 months to your credit or debit card.

*All Auto Renews are valid for unlimited long or short classes at both studios.
*This offer is for first time Auto Renew customers only.