Trish Corbett

My first exposure to yoga came during college in the form of a Kundalini yoga class. I have never forgotten the feeling of that savasana. That was more than 30 years ago. When my children were young I managed to practice sporadically. But when time allowed I began to practice in ernest. That is when my life began a transformation. On my mat I found peace and compassion. I came home to myself. At some point I realized I needed to share this gift of yoga with others. I completed Yoga 200 hour Teacher Training May 2011. Trish received her 500 hour certificate from Raji Thron/Yoga Synthesis in September 2014. I teach with compassion for the souls that stand before me knowing that yoga works its magic for all who open to it's grace. I am so humbled by this mystery. I give great thanks to the Universe which provides this blessing of yoga. I thank my teachers for their wisdom and support. I thank my family and friends who continue to support me with their loving hearts.