YOGA AND ZEN WEEKEND RETREAT: This June at the Zen Garland Sanctuary

at the Zen Garland Sanctuary

With Master Yogis Raji Thron & Rose Fitzgerald
Zen Masters Paul Genki Kahn & Monika Genmitsu Brunner

Weekend Retreat: Friday, June 20th-Sunday, June 22nd
Time: Retreat begins 7 pm on Friday, concludes 2 pm on Sunday
Cost: $275 (Includes meals. Accommodations separate.)

One Day Retreat: Saturday, June 21st
9:00 am-5:00 pm
Cost: $100 (Includes lunch)

The Yoga and Zen Retreat is for all levels. Beginners are welcome!

The practices of Hatha Yoga and Zen Buddhism are both designed to develop and awaken higher awareness. The founders of Yoga Synthesis and Zen Garland believe these practices complement each other very well, and want to share their integration in a creative retreat setting.

The Practice of Presence brings us to Unity through attentive devotion to life itself - working a job, caring for family and friends and paying the bills. Deep Presence leads to healing, wholeness and a life of passion, purpose and peace.

Join us for an intimate and profound retreat exploring your essential spiritual development, cultivating your individual talents and nurturing your individual life situation.

During the retreat, we will alternate periods of meditation, yoga, talks by the teachers, and group discussions. Each of the Teachers will be available periodically for private individual meetings to discuss your personal practice and situation. We will maintain silence in general and drop social conventions to allow us the opportunity to plunge deeper into our practice.

For more information & registration email to: or call: 845-547-2004. Registration deadline for retreat: 6/13.

Zen Garland Sanctuary
83 Campbell Avenue, Airmont, NY 10901