Sat, 03/29/2014 - 12:30pm - 3:30pm

This Workshop is for Men & Women

Each of us contain the Divine Masculine & Feminine which must come into balance to live full, happy and vibrant lives. As the Divine Feminine is brought back into balance you will improve your ability to create, speak your truth & manifest your dreams!

Please join us for this exciting workshop on restoring the Divine Feminine's Innate Wisdom to Create from ~ The Power of The Womb!

This workshop will bring you on a healing journey connecting you to the wisdom of your womb; releasing past hurts, traumas and limiting beliefs. As the hurts and the traumas are released, your vision of the life that you would like to create, will expand out into the world: Freeing issues of infertility, deepening relationships, and healing your ability to manifest your dreams. To fully experience your feminine power we must connect our Womb's Power of Creation to the Center of Our Heart letting love and acceptance form.

This Inspirational Workshop will empower you to:

  • Restore The Sacredness Of The Womb of Creation
  • Connect To Your Womb*Heart
  • Awaken The Womb To Discover Your True Self

Through Sacred teachings, powerful discussions, healing journeys and meditations you will be shown the way to heal your past and open to your highest potential. It is through Genuine Truth, Love and Compassion that your heart will Open to Receive the Wisdom of Your Womb!

Registration: $100 per person (you may attend from a distance to receive the same benefits).

Karen Mulligan and Kathleen Mulligan are the founders of WombHeartWisdom. Karen and Kathleen have worked together on restoring the Power of The Feminine through the Womb/Heart Connection, opening people to heal from the core of their being. Together they have a strong inner knowing that the womb holds an incredible amount of truth and wisdom, which when ignited through the heart center, sends out the purest power of creation with the highest intent.