Saturday, June 7th
Part I: Pre & Postnatal, 11:30 am-2:30 pm
Part II: Menses & Menopause, 3:00-6:00 pm

Understanding, practicing and being able to help women with the appropriate yoga postures that are suggested for women’s health is the main feature of this full day workshop. Women’s Yoga is a vast subject which like all remedial approaches to yoga needs to be individualized.

In this workshop, the class will explore the postures for support of the seasonal-life changes that affect all women and why it is so important to practice with skill and intelligence. We will address sequences and asana that are beneficial for Menstruation, Pre Natal - Post Natal, and Menopause; postures all women (& men) can practice no matter what stage, age and experience.

Registration Fee: $45 per person/per workshop advanced registration; $50 day of. $80 per person for both workshops advanced registration; 90 day of.

Jeanne-Marie Derrick is a certified Iyengar Yoga instructor, having been introduced to Iyengar Yoga in 1983, studied under
Mary Dunn and was one of the original core faculty of the New York City Iyengar Institute. She is also certified as a “Yoga
for Scoliosis” instructor under Elise Miller. Jeanne-Marie is also a student of Ayurveda and has extensive anatomical
knowledge in reference to yoga. Jeanne-Marie spent many years specializing in Women’s Yoga. She wrote a book in 2001:
Yoga for Menstruation; a Practice Guide, in which she illustrated and elaborated Geeta Iyengar’s teachings on women’s yoga.
She is currently teaching at the Iyengar Institute in New York City and Practice Yoga Studio in Philadelphia , Pa.